CPR Tools is a data recovery and data security company and has been in business for over 25 years; providing services and products for computer repair, data recovery, and data security.

Our Computer Repair depot is staffed by knowledgeable and capable technicians who will listen to your concerns and do the very best that can be done to get your system(s) up and running as quickly as possible

From Operating System corruption to virus eradication to hardware enhancements or repairs, your system is in good hands at CPR Tools

Services & Pricing

Computer Tune Up59.99

Check for and install latest OS up-dates. Clean the inside of the PC to remove dirt and dust buildup. Preform a Disk Clean-Up and defragment the hard drive.

Virus & Spyware Removal109.99

We will back-up your data first. Install anti-virus and spy-ware software. We will scan your PC and quarantine any harmful files found.

PC Fresh Start119.99

This is the best way to remove malware and viruses! We will back-up your data, clear your hard drive and reinstall your OS with all up-dates. Optimize system speed, inform customer of unnecessary files. Physically clean the inside of the PC. Perform a virus scan of the original data and transfer clean data to PC.

Software Install & Setup59.99

Install specified software on one PC. We will install, reboot and test the software to ensure software installed properly. This excludes Operating systems. Software and a valid license must be supplied by the customer.

New Computer Setup99.99

Perform software updates. Install Anti-virus software of the customer's choice. Install an alternate Internet browser of customer's choice. Optimize system speed, inform customer of unnecessary files and remove at customer request.

Hardware Install/Repair99.99

Install new hardware supplied by the customer. Test and ensure the new hardware is recognized by the computer and is functioning properly. Clean the inside of the PC to remove any dirt and dust buildup. Hardware not provided.

Antivirus Installation & Setup59.99

Install and configure the Anti-virus software of the customer's choice. Update Anti-virus definitions and run a quick scan.

Printer Setup59.99

Install the printer software and attach the printer to the PC. We will ensure the printer is communicating with the PC and print a test page. Customer must supply the printer and any required cables.

OS Installation and Setup129.99

Installation of a full or upgraded version of your OS on one PC. This includes all OS. We will back-up your data prior to the installation. Clean the inside of the PC to remove any dirt and dust buildup. Customer must supply a valid key code for the OS. Data restoration is an extra $35 up to 10GB

Data Backup (up to 120 GB)99.99

Transfer data to storage media provided or purchased by the customer, including but not limited to another PC, external drive, or CD/DVD. Hardware not provided.

Phone and Tablet Repair

iPad Diagnostic Fee *49.99
iPad LCD Replacement179.99
iPad Screen Replacement179.99
iPad Complete Screen &
LCD Replacement
iPad Other Component Replacement **79.99

iPhone Diagnostic Fee *49.99
iPhone Screen Replacement
iPhone Screen Replacement
iPhone Other Component Replacement **79.99

Data Restoration (up to 120 GB)99.99

Restore data to PC from previously created backup. Backup data storage sources include but are not limited to: another PC, external drive, or CD/DVD. Hardware not provided

* Diagnostic fee is charged for evaluation and/or troubleshooting a problem and does not include parts or other services described

** Component replacement includes any button, camera, connector, jack, etc. and each component is charged separately

Parts (hardware or software) are not included.

For work not listed here, our in-shop rate is $65/hour.

Our on-site (your location) rate is $85/hour.

Travel charges may apply outside our regular coverage area.